Initial Orientation and Permanent Venue


GEC, Inc. will provide a “pre-orientation” and final orientation to the employee prior to their move and when they are settled in their permanent venue. This orientation is designed to provide employees and their family’s (if accompanying) with as much information as needed prior to the start of their work. They will be able to understand and integrate into the culture very quickly as a result.

This fully customized option is available and will also be accessed on our Secure Client Portal.

When moving into their permanent venue, employees will receive a Welcome Binder© containing useful information such as:

  • Area maps
  • Shopping areas
  • Laundry service
  • Utilities set up
  • Back Up Generator services (depending on location)
  • Useful websites and telephone numbers
  • Emergency information (police, fire, hospital)
  • Medical information (doctors, dentists, specialists)
  • Entertainment information, area hot spots, restaurants and tourist areas
  • Internet set up
  • Television cable providers/satelite providers
  • Mobile phone account options

If the employee is looking for a service such as:

  • Domestic help or maid services, handyman services, babysitting and childminding services, GEC, Inc. will assist to make sure local contracts are drawn up and filed properly. If you have questions regarding local contracts or labor assistance, please contact us.
  • Depending on the location of where our client’s employees relocate to, many options are available to choose from relating to their physical domicile. GEC, Inc. offers a wide variety of services such as:
    Welcome packs are usually temporary and accounted for. Our welcome packs include such items as Televisions, small appliances, bedding, starter kits of food items and cleaning supplies. If requested, Welcome packs can be leased out if employees need them during the duration of their stay. Perishable items such as food and cleaning items do not need to be replaced. Bedding will not need to be replaced as well.
  • Ready- made rooms for employees and their family members (if family is accompanying them). Ready-made rooms consist of furnishings and amenities in each room such as in the kitchen would contain appliances, flatware, dishes, pots and pans, or in the living room would contain sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, bedrooms would contain beds (with bedding).
  • If there are security concerns in the area of work, GEC, Inc. will assist with a guard-force either temporary or permanent depending on the location.

All services would be subject to the location where the employee is staying and will be identified during the Pre-Decisional phase. There is a broad scope of services that can be provided, so GEC, Inc. works with our clients to identify their needs.

Facilities Management


GEC Inc.’s Facilities Management Program (FMP) is comprised of various programs relating to property and facility management, all of which can be designed to meet your specific needs. The FMP is broken down into three basic pillars:


Site Survey Areas of Interest


Structural Integrity and required safety systems

  • Leasing (include inspection and site survey management)
  • Payment Process
  • Communications
  • Utilities/Television
  • Inspections
  • Claims process

GEC’s Facilities Management assistance make property management issues stress free for our clients involved with property related issues. By working with GEC, Inc., supervisors and employees can focus on their own projects preventing unwarranted administrative burdens for our clients.

We adhere to all regulatory requirements and review each process every step of the way, preventing any hidden issues lurking in the fine print of an agreement.

All agreements and negotiations can be placed on our client’s secure portal for their periodic review and update as with other documents responsive to our client’s needs.

Short-term Accommodation


Global Enterprise Consulting’s Short-term Accommodation Program works extremely well for those who are working away from their main work place. We provide short term accommodation information in an all-inclusive package to our client which makes traveling easier. We also make traveling easier with GEC’s pick up and drop off service from the airport. Our packages include the main stay at the hotel or apartment, various spots to get food, pick up and drop off from the airport, rental car or shuttle service as well as other amenities. Also included in our Short-term Accommodation program are venues designed to house employees and their family members (if traveling with family) while waiting for their permanent residence.

The focus of our Short-term Accommodation program is to provide our clients a stress free environment while preparing for their next step in their work process. There is no need for your employees to “figure things out” as they go along.


This service facilitates a more comfortable transition for the employee in situations where they are not able to move into their permanent residence right away, or where their assignment is too short to make a longer-term let suitable. Because the employee is living in a more natural home environment (as opposed to a hotel), they can begin to settle-in more quickly. For the client, temporary accommodation proves much more cost-effective than a hotel.

All Short-term Accommodation information can be posted and stored on GEC’s Secure Client Portal which will give access to supervisors on contact information as well as itinerary information.

Cultural Awareness


One of my favorite General’s used to say, “If you are going to visit a country, no matter how temporary, you must take time to visit and get to know the culture. It will not only educate you on their lifestyle, you will become accustomed to doing the right thing.” GEC, Inc. takes these words very seriously. It is important to know the people and the culture you are doing business with. GEC Inc.’s approach to cultural awareness is second to none. It is one thing to get your information from a website, but GEC, Inc. provides an, “off the beaten path” approach.

GEC, Inc. provides Cultural Training making sure that employees and their family members transition smoothly to their new location. With our language training programs, they will be able to integrate into the culture with the greatest of ease.

We provide one on one instruction for individuals who are traveling or GEC, Inc. will design a Training Program specifically tailored to your needs. For example if your company regularly does business in one part of the world, we will design a regular recurring training session, educating your employees consistently. Immersion language training may also be available.

Whether you are attending an Ethiopian coffee ceremony or sipping on an espresso in Paris, GEC, Inc. strives to provide you with the best up to date and cultural experience.

For specific areas, GEC, Inc. also provides historical information relating to the culture and demographics associated with your employees workplace.

Group Movement


Managing the movement of a large group of employees at one time can be a challenge. Plane tickets have to be coordinated. Hotels, transportation must be organized in a fashion that is not only safe and secure, but all pieces must be moved as if it were the same as moving one person. This requires considerable strategic support and coordination.

Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc., loves this challenge. The feeling of watching the successful movement of a large group of people shows the success of our company and the professionalism we strive to keep.

Depending on the movement, GEC, Inc. will coordinate the movement from beginning to end. We can also provide documents, binders and other necessary appurtenances needed for your move. If you are scheduling an event, GEC Inc.’s event coordinators will set up your event from beginning to end. There is a large array of items that can be produced as giveaways or part of the event identifying your company.

Ask to speak with one of our experts on our Group Movement programs.




Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc.’s tagline is, “Getting there is our business”. Our passion is to deliver quality consulting and quality services to any company large or small, including government organizations. We stand out from the rest by providing quality sponsorship. Not only will your employees and their family’s be prepared to travel, we also meet them at their arrival. As mentioned before in our blogs and various places published by GEC, Inc., it can be challenging to see those who are lost at the airport trying to figure out where to go or what to do, how they will get to their final destination. Usually they’re tired, if they have their family with them, exhausted! GEC, Inc. makes a serious commitment to travelers. Not only are we committed to the traveler, through our Secure Client Portal, you have oversight on your employees via your secure dashboard. GEC, Inc. respects and adheres to all rules and regulations regarding privacy concerns.

Put us in the driver seat!

Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. works with our clients to provide quality sponsorship. Some of the areas we can assist with are:

  • Conducting an analysis with the employee based on what they need. We will research the area they will be staying in, evaluate if they have family needs or individual needs and produce managed expectations of local services. GEC, Inc. will coordinate those services prior to the employees arrival. Some topics available would be (services offered may not be available in all locations):
  • Family Cross Cultural Training (7 year old children and above recommended)
  • Types of schools and institutions
  • Family member employment or education programs
  • Cultural awareness and diversity group training
  • Language proficiency instruction

There are a large number of services available. Our sponsorship program will work you’re your employees to maximize our effort. In a large, diverse international setting, services will vary from area to area and some may not be available in the location your employees will be working.


Visa, Immigration and Work Permits


Depending on the work and length of time your employees will be in a foreign country, there are several requirements made by the host government identifying international work personnel. Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. are the experts at working with Foreign Ministries relating to Immigration and Labor.

This can be a quite complex process. Your company which will fund your employee to work internationally invests a lot of money for the success of your projects. The intricate and sometimes painstaking process of obtaining a work visa or work clearance document can be a challenge and sometimes could be a deal breaker for your company. Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc., takes this process very seriously when going through the necessary process of obtaining Immigration, Visa and Work Permit services. This is the foundation of YOUR success working internationally. By wrongfully processing these documents through a foreign agency can not only slow or stop your work tempo, reputations can be tarnished and the overall rating of your company may be diminished.

Although it’s not an easy process, GEC, Inc. has the tools and resources necessary to assist with your international legal requirements. Additionally, GEC, Inc. is capable of working through necessary hurdles when your company needs to move a critical project along in a swift manner. We will work with various Host Nation Governmental Agencies to accelerate approval processes and have your employees confident knowing they will not be turned away at the airport upon arrival.

Our team of experts are ready to assist at a moments notice!

Our office will also keep a suspense listing of renewal information so when the time comes, we can process the required renewal documents, keeping your employees current in accordance with foreign requirements. We will work with your employees to make sure they are well prepared and have their proper documentation before and during their transit.

This information can also be stored on our Secure Client Portal.


Feel free to contact us