We will help you with your current set up


If you have a mobility or employee relocation program in place, GEC, Inc. can work your current set-up, update any certifications you may need and bring current the systems that you have set in place. Our consulting provides you with cutting edge information that is updated regularly. We continually monitor the current Trends. GEC, Inc. will provide you with a Cost analysis.

You can count on GEC Inc.’s experience


If you need to relocate 1 person, 5 employees and their families or a team of 350, GEC Inc.’s experience has what it takes to set your company up for success. We will provide a step by step approach to mobility. Using our “ala carte” style of selection, GEC, Inc. will design a program specific to your company’s wants and needs.

Would you like a country study? If you are doing business specific to one country, GEC, Inc. will provide you with updated country studies at a cost effective rate. Use our expertise to understand the international market you are working in.


Specialized Mobility


If your company works in austere environments such as a combat deployed area or worldwide hot spot, GEC, Inc. has the tools necessary to move your employees into that zone by setting them up with the proper clearance information. If your company is concerned about security for your employees, GEC, Inc. will also be available to assist with your security concerns.




Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. will evaluate your company structure, build out, projected objectives and future goals.  We will analyze your strengths and challenges increasing efficiency while successfully hitting your milestones.  Mobility plays a large part in the success of your company by saving valuable revenue provided your employee relocation program is efficient. GEC, Inc. will use the most current Process Mapping (GEC, Inc. will provide you with a successful blueprint by way of the latest process mapping techniques effectively improving your strategies and business processes in mobility)

Structural analysis of a process flow (such as an order-to-delivery cycle), by distinguishing how work is actually done from how it should be done, and what functions a system should perform from how the system is built to perform those functions. In this technique, main activities, information flows, interconnections, and measures are depicted as a collage on a large sheet of (commonly brown) paper, with different colored ‘Post-it’ notes or slips of paper. This graphic representation allows an observer to ‘walk-through’ the whole process and see it in its entirety.

By using our Best Practices, GEC, Inc. will ensure that your company is competitive in the market places worldwide.


Winning Strategy


When you work with GEC, Inc., your company will be more flexible when it comes to employee mobility strategy. Our set up is designed to stay out of the way you do business but at the same time successfully getting your employees from one area of the world to another in record time. For those immediate, “on the spot” relocations, we do our very best to prioritize critical timelines.

Pre-Decision Consulting


GEC, Inc. uses a very specific approach to the Pre-Decision process. As with most things in life, all relocations are different. We will not provide your company with a “cookie cutter” system. Our decision making process is quite involved and detailed, providing you with your best product ensuring success.

By using our Pre-Decision program, your company will not only know your employees have successfully made their destination, you will already have set in place the means to communicate and correspond in a moment’s notice through our secure client portal.

Projection, Accountability and Cost Analysis



By making use of GEC Inc.’s Pre-Decision process, your company will be able to effectively track your mobility projects from beginning to end creating a detailed chronological schedule, accounting for all funding related to mobility. This will enhance your ability to more accurately project for the net year’s fiscal budget.



GEC, Inc. will account for every dollar spent through the use of our cutting edge tools, breaking down domestic and international travel costs. Our database will also produce not only dollar amounts, but host nation currency breakdowns as well. Whether it is the cost of a rental car or real estate, GEC Inc.’s database has the correct toolbox to suit your needs.

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis is crucial to the success of your budget. GEC, Inc. will track all areas relating to your mobilizations and relocations by using real time methods, keeping out the guess work.

Group Movement


Group Movement

Managing a group to move internationally can pose it’s unique set of challenges. GEC, Inc. will move your group from the Pre-Decision stage to Arrival to the Front Door.

What is involved in the actual execution of moving a large group is detailed primarily in the Pre-Decision phase. Consistent and concise communication is important in order for a Group Movement to be successful. By using GEC, Inc., you will have the ability to track group movements ensuring success on every level.

GEC Inc.’s unique design will enable your company to move large groups in record time.


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