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Hello!  Welcome to Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc.(GEC).  We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB *sc) with a vested interest of taking care of government and corporate travelers working worldwide.  By using our Process Mapping techniques, we provide Structured Travel Management to suit YOUR needs.  With today’s technology our globe is seemingly smaller and our reach is much shorter than before.  Anywhere in the world there are employees working hard supporting the interests in which they serve.  As a government employee, contractor or a corporate executive, travel can be a daunting task, or maybe just bothersome.  Trying to figure out which flight is the best, where to stay, how to get from point A to point B, workplace, temporary residence, can cause many headaches! With our innovative approach, we will manage your travel needs with your best interest at hand.  

I would like to take this opportunity to say hi! I’m excited for this chance for you to get to know me better on a little less formal level. I am Kevin Strakal, the Founder and CEO of Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. I have helped people move worldwide for over the last 23 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. There’s really nothing like knowing that when you send someone into the world traveling, their experience will be enjoyable.
Have you ever traveled to a foreign or unknown place and couldn’t figure out what to do once you landed? This happens all too often and yes eventually people do figure it out, but isn’t it better if you had a predisposition on the events that will dictate your actions? I personally think it is much better. While working in the US Army, I would sponsor those soldiers and their families who were moving to a new location. What I really enjoyed about the US Army was that you always knew someone would take care of you. When I would search out the people I was sponsoring, more times than not I would find some other family lost and confused while at the same time working with my sponsored people. It is disappointing to me when I see people who are lost, especially a family lost. You see children crying, mom and dad just
exhausted from hauling several suitcases, strollers and sippy cups all over creation only to find they are stuck at the airport with no one there to assist them. I once drove a bus for one family coming to my unit. When it was all said and done, not only did the family I was sponsoring fill the bus we took another family.

After I honorably retired from the US Army, I worked for a company that conducted business all over the world. When I started working there, I noticed that some of our employees were getting ready to go to locations they had never traveled to before. Everything was set right? Not in the least. Often times locations were somewhat austere and close to major military bases. Our employees needed access to these military bases, but how were our employees to gain such access? How would they navigate these new and often times unfamiliar locations? The short version is they didn’t always. On one occasion, they came back after 7 days of very non-productive work which caused their schedule to slip about three weeks costing stakeholders much needed resources and funds. During a “water cooler” conversation, I asked someone, why didn’t they get the pre-clearance to enter the base? Why didn’t they process a work visa? Why didn’t they pre-plan their trip? The answers were astounding. The BLUF (bottom line upfront) was they “didn’t figure” it was so hard to get over to another location for work.

This challenge presented an opportunity to me. Shortly after that incident I became the “go to” guy who processed all operational travel to austere theaters, processing clearances and ensuring not only people entered into various locations more informed, but that they had all their required documents and clearances, and more importantly they arrived safely and ready to work.

I have worked in various government positions which were equally as exciting but over the years, have developed a passion for helping companies move their employees internationally. This is how Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. was born. We offer a wide variety of consulting and services designed to take these burdens off of Program Managers, Project Managers and other senior leaders and team leads who usually face this on a regular basis. My thought first and foremost is that Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. takes away from the usual important work concerned with whatever project is being conducted. The additional task of moving people most likely doesn’t fit into the job description of a senior person or executive in charge of running projects or conducting otherwise high level operations. By placing this “additional duty” to someone who is in charge of leading a project not only takes away time from the project, it usually doesn’t fall within the salary scope of that leader.

Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. is ready for the opportunity to enhance your company by improving your operations, and increasing opportunities for your business development. Let us take the challenge of relocating or even deploying your employees for you. By using our process mapping process, your Travel Management will enhance your overall performance and operations. It doesn’t matter if you have a preplanned project identifying those who are traveling or that “last minute get out and go” scenario. Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc. will work hard to meet and exceed every one of your expectations. Our training programs and cultural awareness courses will educate your employees significantly, allowing them to land on the ground ready to run. With our updated country status’ updates, you will not only know the area you are traveling to, you will know important facts and updates of what’s occurring in the area you are sending your employees to work and live in. Whether there is a drought or a coup de ta, you will know ahead of time, prepared to take care of your business.

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I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself. This is another exciting moment in my lifetime, let me make this an exciting opportunity in yours.

Kevin Strakal
Global Enterprise Consulting, Inc.


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